Hi Guys!

At the time of writing this we are little than 57 hours to go until the official start of trading date for RuairiMurphyGroup Ltd.
If you have been on the website before you will now notice a huge change to how the website interacts and moves. The secret was that I wasn’t happy with the layout and the feel of the old website, which was only to be a temporary measure. Nonetheless the website has now undergone a massive revamp which offers a more clean professional look and stands to proof to what we can offer our clients!

I’m very excited to get started on 01/02/2019 so much so that I’ve even added a small counter at the bottom of our website to count down the hours!

More positive news is that we are looking to bring in staff very shortly to enhance our profile online. I’ll chat more about this in our next bit of news!

But for now, I better be cracking on!


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