Opening Weekend

Look at us now ! Good Afternoon everyone! Well launch day is now been and gone, and here we are. The website looks absolutely fantastic and is just growing with features every day, we are going all out with some new software we’ve recently purchased and its adding a little bit to the website! So […]

57 Hours to go!

Hi Guys! At the time of writing this we are little than 57 hours to go until the official start of trading date for RuairiMurphyGroup Ltd. If you have been on the website before you will now notice a huge change to how the website interacts and moves. The secret was that I wasn’t happy […]


Hi Guys! So this is a bit of an informal way for me to connect to my potential & current clients, its just a bit of current news and bit of a blog with company updates and where we are as a company at the moment. So rewind back to November 2018 when this idea […]