Look at us now !

Good Afternoon everyone!

Well launch day is now been and gone, and here we are. The website looks absolutely fantastic and is just growing with features every day, we are going all out with some new software we’ve recently purchased and its adding a little bit to the website!

So lets start off with some very big positives! Our visitor count over opening weekend…

Visitors on Opening Weekend!

So where do we go from here?

Theres a few things I’ve took from the opening weekend and a few things I needed to change to get the results we want as a company.

So without further hesitation we have now restructured our web hosting packages into 3 categories.

Monthly Subscriptions
Yearly Subscriptions
Lifetime Subscriptions.

We have altered our pricing and feel that this alteration has drastically put us in a position in which we are now one of the lowest cost unlimited web providers in the UK!

Very Very exciting times ahead, and we will be sure to keep you guys updated very shortly.

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