Deciding on a new brand or a re-brand can be a daunting task but with our ten step process you will gain a better idea of how to brand your business or organisation.

Small businesses tend to overlook the importance of a good branding strategy which could hinder any potential opportunity to market their brand, no business or organisation is too small to consider a good branding strategy

Branding Tips

  1. Make your decision on what you are actually trying to brand and why. Will this branding strategy be for a product, service, company or an individual ?
    Deciding this will allow you to see what direction that you’re branding needs to be heading towards in order to appear more professional and established.
  2. The key to this step is to simply research everything about the niche you’re in. The first part of this means you’ll have to research everything about the market that you’re entering your product or service into. Then, research everything you can about your product or service.
  3. Develop your strategy for your product or service and make it shine ! Start to find and establish ways to push your branding into the public consciousness find out what works and what doesn’t to constantly adapt your branding strategy, branding is never a static choice its a continual augmentation straying away from failure and heading towards success.
  4. Explain and understand what your branding definition will be. This is what makes your service or product unique and individual to you ! What makes you special and different from the rest, shout it loud and proud this is what consumers will respond to, your hook will make them bite!
  5. Work to create and augment your name, logo, and tagline. Your namee is the secret sauce to building customer rapport making this easily definable will ensure you can build trust and remain memorable. Your logo is your everlasting symbol that will resonate in peoples minds what you create here will be what makes you great so make it slick! The tagline is just a snappy way of further expanding your brand presence by summarizing what you do or what you are so people instantly relate to what your trying to achieve with your branding.
  6. Shoot for the stars and launch your brand get it out to the people. This is the stage that is crucial for your success getting this information to as many people as possible is key to solidifying your brands image in peoples minds.
  7. Manage and continually augment your brand this is the incubation stage where just like a new born your brand needs plenty of love and care to become big and strong.
  8. Constantly augment your brand and change what doesn’t work ! This step is crucial to continuing your success with a branding structure that just works flawlessly you will fail more times initially than you will succeed all that matters is that you learn early and adapt fast as this is what seperates small companies from large organisations

Become a branding success!

These tips will help you on your way to achieving branding success ! If you would like to see what we could do to help boost, create or maintain your branding image contact us today !

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