Just like branding, graphic design looks initially to be an unwinnable uphill battle. The huge variation in techniques and graphics packages to utilise can make it seem like a daunting process. The choice of professional products such as Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop, can make what initially seemed like a leisurely task into a laborious nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With the right tools and software anyone can create their perfect graphics. These are our top ten tips to get you started in creating your own flawless graphics and pictorials.

Our top graphic design tips

Tip 1: Be particular about your colour choice

Color can be a hard thing to work with. The main objective at this stage is to capture peoples attention and evoke an emotional response. Colour choice will largely affect how users perceive your design so getting this right is key to any good design. Using high contrast colours can truly make your brand image stand out in peoples minds. High contrast colour schemes can be selected by using a colour wheel, Adobe Color CC is a great resource for finding colour schemes that work.

Always take care to have your colours work together effectively marrying the font with your design is key to a flawless appearance that grabs peoples attention.

Tip 2: Keep your fonts simple !

The one thing that is key to a good design is readability. This doesnt mean confining yourself to using only one font, just don’t overdo it keeping less than two text elements within the same font set.

Play around with the fonts you have or use an amazing photo editor that is entirely online based like PhotoPea to include and use google fonts. Stylized and overly dramatic fonts are hard to read and obscure your deisgn. The purpose of font is to shout loud and proud what your design is about which means less legible fonts hurt your design!

Tip 3: Use whitespace efficiently

Within the scope of your colour scheme, utilizing white space fully is the number one tip for any designer be overly compulsive by perfecting this technique as it will enhance your design capability tenfold. This draws peoples eye to certain places in the design so that it remains simple, understated and clear.

Tip 4: Be consistent when placing elements!

When implementing the elements that will comprise your design such as background images etc. keep them inline with the designs style. Any graphics elements added should have a purpose as part of your designs story and be of consistently high quality and equal placement in the design.

Tip 5: Know when to use flat design

Flat design is something that can really capture peoples attention! It’s a technique that’s used by designers all over the world and can really make a design stand out from the crowd. Creating a more classy look, flat design is an increasingly popular choice of design by some of the biggest names in the game !

Tip 6: Know when to use icons !

Icons can really help structure your design and catch peoples attention. The correct use of iconography in any design is absolutely crucial to establishing an effective response from the people who see it.

Humans are naturally drawn to symbols this is what all great designers know, people respond well to clever use of symbols and text to create a flawless graphic design.

Creating a flawless graphic design is key to any successful brand

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